Monday, August 01, 2005

12:30 Mass, Sunday, July 31, 2005

Yes, I was at 12:30 Mass last Sunday. Many have asked...

When your local priest refuses to give you communion, does that mean that he has declared you to be automatically excommunicated? Or,.. is he just proclaiming that you may not be a Catholic-in-Good-Standing? Or,.. maybe even that he just doesn't consider you to be a worthy enough sinner to receive our Lord? Can somebody please clarify this?

Also, please don't think that the activities of the day in any way circumvent my desire to make a few comments about our deacon's homely,.. in spite of the fact that I think it was better than any Father Louis has given!

Post Comments:
I too think that it was a decent sermon, but I was wondering if when he opened with "arrogance, power, and ignorance", he realized that he was describing Rev. Brum to a “T”?
A Parishioner.

Refusing Communion
Father Louie showed his true colors this past Sunday during the 12:30 mass. I was angry and even felt embarrassed by his actions. How can I continue to participate at a parish where the Priest can refuse to give communion to parishioners that he considers unworthy? Is that what the Catholic Church is all about?

… it means that he is a lot sicker than any of us thought… let’s all pray that he gets the help that he needs.

… someone should tell him that obeying his Bishop is not worth going against every fiber of your being. Wrong is still wrong, no matter who has asked you to do it! You always have the right to tell your Bishop, “No Mas”!

… it’s called using the Eucharist for Power and Control!
~From Readers