Monday, July 18, 2005

Parish Financial Reporting.

Holy Spirit Parish

Parish Financial Reporting:
I attended mass at Our Lady of Sorrows last Sunday. Happy to report that Holy Spirit’s founding priest, Fr Gus Pacheco, is now well enough to start saying mass again. But, he still has 2 operations to go, so he still needs our continued prayers.

After mass, during his announcements, Fr Gus made a big to-do about the financial reports that had been included within the Sunday bulletin. It included four pages of complete financial disclosure. Every penny that came into the Parish and every penny that was paid out is disclosed. His comments were: “This is your Parish. You deserve to know exactly how much money was taken in and exactly where your money was spent.”

His disclosure made me wonder when we were going to get these same financial reports from Fr. Louis for Holy Spirit Parish? According to Fr Gus, “It’s so simple now… all you do is write the last check for the fiscal year, then push a button on the computer and you get an instant, year-to-date Financial Report! Holy Spirit's fiscal year ended on July 1, 2005, as well.

Since our Parish Counsel and Finance Committee have now gone “hush-hush”, are we still going to get a financial disclosure for Holy Spirit Parish as we always have in the past?

Maybe it’s time that we start asking for it?

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