Thursday, June 09, 2005

Response to Letter to Bishop Pena.

Response from Bishop Pena.

Response from Bishop Pena to the Letter of Patition concerning Father Brum.
As per the above, response to the Letter of Patition that was sent to Bishop Pena that was signed by over 270 parishioners at Holy Spirit Parish has been assigned to Father Heberto Diaz, Chancellor of the Diocese of Brownsville, because Bishop Pena will be out of town between June 13th to July 2nd.

Also, this news from the Diocese...

Canonical Judges to Assess Contract Validity
Three ecclesiastical judges with doctorates in Canon Law are scheduled to be in the Diocese of Brownsville the week of June 19th, to assess an internal matter of the Church, the canonical validity of a contract entered into in 2002, between Holy Spirit Parish in McAllen and the United Farm Workers of America. These judges will be here as part of a Diocesan Collegiate Court to review the case. All of these ecclesiastical judges have written and lectured extensively on matters of Canon Law issues.

I understand this assessment of canonical validity has been requested by Father Brum.

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