Sunday, May 01, 2005

Parishioners Letter Update

The following update was sent by mail to parishioners who signed the letter to Fr. Louis. After this update was mailed, Fr. Louis contacted Mark Peña and a meeting has been scheduled for 6:30pm on Friday, May 6, 2005.

Dear Fellow Holy Spirit Parishioner,

Thank you for your participation in this effort to move healing forward in our parish. The letter to our Pastor that you and over 270 other parishioners signed was hand-delivered to Fr. Louis Brum and a copy was mailed to the Bishop on April 11, 2005. After originally agreeing to meet on May 4, 2005 with Mark and Michelle Peña, the designated contacts, Fr. Louis cancelled the scheduled meeting and discontinued further communication with the Peñas.

The Bishop’s office was subsequently contacted with a request for a meeting and his assistance. A copy of the parishioners’ letter and signature pages was also faxed and emailed to the Bishop. The Bishop has asked the parish representatives to meet with Fr. Bob Maher, our Diocesan Vicar General, as the next step in resolving our concerns.

Fr. Bob recently confirmed communicating with Fr. Louis, and Fr. Louis has renewed his willingness to meet with the Peñas. Fr. Bob has indicated he will await the outcome of that meeting. Fr. Louis was contacted again on April 26, 2005 to schedule a meeting. To date, Fr. Louis has not returned the call to schedule a meeting.

We will continue to update you by mail as events occur and will post periodic updates on the parish Blog site, Reflections of the Spirit (

In the meantime, there are actions we all can take:

· Continue to pray for healing for our parish and that our concerns will be acknowledged and addressed. Parishioners continue to gather in prayer on Sunday evenings at 7pm at the church.

· Encourage others you know to sign the letter. There will be someone at each mass who carries the bright pink letter.

· Let Fr. Louis know that you are happy he is willing to listen to the expressed concerns and that you hope the meeting will happen soon.

If you have any questions about what has occurred, suggestions about future courses of action, or have an interest in becoming more actively involved in this effort, please contact any one of your parish representatives:

Mark and Michelle Peña (380-3731)
Jerry Brazier (381-1407)
Mirtala Rodriguez (318-3256)
Anna Hallman

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