Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Year Of The Eucharist.

We are into the fourth month of this Year of the Eucharist, and the only thing that our pastor has managed to communicate about the subject is the weekly Bulletin paragraph stating that; adoration will be Tuesday and Thursday from 9-9, instead of only on Friday. If you want complete solitude, go to adoration. This is NOT striking a chord with the faithful. Is this what the Year of the Eucharist is all about, two days of adoration, instead of just one?

If the pastor would bother to check some of the abundant resources that the Church has prepared for this Year of the Eucharist, he might see such gems as, The authentic sense of the Eucharist becomes of itself the school of active love for one’s neighbor.” (Dominicae Cenae,6), or To offer Christ’s sacrifice truly implies that we continue this same sacrifice in a life committed to others.” or The Eucharist makes real the Diakonía or service of Christ, and it is the place of the renewal of the Church’s mission, above all for the most needy.”

When is our pastor going to prepare an uplifting homily that speaks to the concerns of the present day? It is so easy with all of the internet resources available at the click of a mouse. And when is he going to show some concern about his wandering flock?

From a disgruntled but still hopeful parishioner challenging Rev. Brum to be a real pastor.

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