Friday, March 18, 2005

"My Masses" & More Fr. Ivan.

He will not learn.
Before Christmas, Pastor Brum sent a letter to all parishioners saying that he would remember us at "my masses". I brought it to his attention then, but he did it again for Easter.

My message to him:
The preamble to the GIRM affirms, "the celebration of the Eucharist is the action of the whole Church". In the solemn tradition of those saints who served to keep the Church on track when it has strayed, I humbly and respectfully offer this advice:

Please refer to the Mass using the possessive "our" or simply "the" but not "my". Saying "my mass" feeds the illusion that the mass is celebrated solely by the priest and not the entire community assembled.

I am sorry if this seems picky, but something so simple as saying "my mass" can mislead otherwise pious individuals and result in error in the Eucharist. Attention to these inclusive details can help us become "One in Christ" at Holy Spirit Parish again.
A watchful parishioner.

Re: Father Ivan
With all the news about Father Ivan continuing to carry on his priestly duties in Mexico and the Bishop attempting to keep any sexual abuse incidents quiet, I think that it is high time that the bishops of the Catholic Church start reporting these pedophile priests to the authorities, so that they can be charged, tried by their piers and sent to prison, just like any other sex offender.

Just ask yourself what the Bishop would have done if the sexual offender would have been the yard man that takes care of the church grounds, instead of one of his priests? The poor guy would have been arrested, put in jail with no bail, provided a court appointed attorney, been tried for his crime and sent to Jail! Nothing even close to a teaching position at a Catholic University!

The discovery of Father Ivan living the good life and performing his priestly duties across the river in Matamoros sure does amplify the requests of the Call to Action group.

I strongly agree that the Bishop should release ALL of the names of the other sexual offender priests from the Diocese so that we can check up on them to make sure they are not enjoying the same privileges as Ft. Ivan. Just consider what a let down this discovery must have been for his victims. How sad!

Just a suggestion to any future sexual offender victims: "Report them to the Police, NOT to the bishop!
Another watchful parishioner

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Kanickers said...

I thought that the Bishop did publish an "audit" of all of the sexual offenders from the diocese.
Also a parishioner

Kanickers said...

The audit only provided the numbers.. besides, the audit was done by the Diocese! YES, we need the names, too! Look what happened in Florida. We need a better way to keep track of these sexual offenders.
A parishioner

Kanickers said...

We need to all pray for Father Ivan's offended.
Another parishioner

Kanickers said...

Have you been to the Call to Action Web page? Interesting reading on the subject... and other things needed in the Catholic Church.

Kanickers said...

YES to going to the CALL TO ACTION WEB PAGE. Had never been there. I am going to join!

Kanickers said...

Bet those offended by Father Ivan really felt offended again when they found out where he was and how easly he was able to bypass the system.
A "mad" parishioner.

Kanickers said...

Sad thing is, nothing will change. Ivan will still keep his teaching position and will still keep acting out his priestly duties. Who is going to stop him?
Mad too.

Kanickers said...

Did I read the article correctly? Says Monsignor Ivan didn't even apologize for the sexual abuse! Admitted to it, but didn't apologize for having done it!
Sign me a "sick" parishioner.

Kanickers said...

What really steams me is the dishonesty of the clergy and their representatives. The bishop, Diaz, Brum, Nicolau, Rovira, Riojas, etc. Instead of simply leveling with us, they bend the truth to try and make their
failings seem innocent. But it comes across as very cheap and obvious. No integrity here. Shameful.

Kanickers said...

I agree with the parishioner who says Ivan will still keep his teaching position and will still keep acting out his priestly duties, but what troubles me most is that more than likely he will also keep acting out his sickness, his pedophilia. Sick people like him must be removed from society to be treated and kept under control.

On the other hand, I believe that WE can make things change and that Ivan, as well as, all other abusers, can be stopped if we, the people, all members of this broken body of Christ, join in the struggle for truth and change in our dear church. Remember David and Goliath?........Let's do it!
A hopeful parishioner