Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ft. Brum to the Basilica?

A parishioner submitted the following suggestion:

With all the buzz around Monsignor Juan Nicolau's leaving the basilica, one wonders if Father Luis Brum would be considered to replace him. The Rev. Brum would be an excellent, logical choice, as he seems to do very well in a “showmanship” type of environment, such as the basilica.

This would, of course, be up to the bishop and he has NOT ALWAYS been known to make logical choices in personnel transfers.
"Haz todo con amor"

Several other parishioners have also suggested:

Maybe some of us (parishioners) should submit recommendations to the bishop to express our feelings… I am certain that ALL OF US would hate to see Ft. Luis Brum transferred away from Holy Spirit Parish, but when the interest of the diocese is at stake, we must all be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice!

Maybe we could hear from a few more parishioners on the subject...

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1 comment:

Kanickers said...

With the late breaking news about Father Ivan being shuttled out of the Brownsville Diocese into the Matamoros Diocese to escape his sexual rape accusations, I don't think our bishop will have much time to contemplate who should replace Ft. Nicolau at the Shrine... seems he will have to concentrate on getting himself out of hot water... again!
From a Parishioner.