Monday, March 28, 2005

Ann Cass - Knights of Columbus

Another FIRST... (I guess we have become an official way of spreading the word at Holy Spirit).
A post from Ann Cass:

Would you please post the following on your Web Page:

Two points:
1. I do wish that Bishop Peña would follow the many other bishops in this country and NOT permit swords in church buildings. The previous two bishops did not take that action either, unfortunately.

2. I have received many phone calls about the final announcement at the Vigil regarding the Knights of Columbus. I had nothing to do with that. Where the gesture of giving rosaries to the neophytes was noble, I suggested that it happen at the reception, not at a Mass that had already gone on for three hours and was full of ritual significance. It was the KCs who wanted to do it at the Mass, not my decision. I was assured there would be no "big deal" made of it. I think what most of you are upset about is that the Grand Knight went on and on about the KCs, not about the neophytes. The focus was on the KCs and not the neophytes or the rosary.

The neophytes were given rosaries last summer when we discussed how to pray the rosary (granted they were not very expensive), they were given a Bible and a cross when they went through the introductory rites of the RCIA, they were presented with the Creed and the Our Father during Lent. At the vigil they were presented with their candle and the white garment. There is no place in the ritual for a presentation of a rosary at the Vigil.

I want to make it clear that I think this was a nice gesture, I just didn't agree with how it was done, where it was done, and when it was done. My anxiety is that next year there will be other groups who will want to follow. I would like to invite the KCs to make the presentation of the rosaries when the candidates enter the catechumenate, rather than at the Vigil.

Peace and all good things,
Ann Cass

In response to Ann's posting:
I hope that people are also calling Louis about this and not just the office personnel. At Holy Spirit, Louis now makes ALL of the decisions.

And, yes, although the Knights did not have their swords during the Thurs. service, they did have them during the adoration afterwards, on the very night that Jesus told Peter to put away his sword! What is wrong with these people? Don't they realize how ridiculous they look in their feathered hats and the antics they perform in church, distracting the parishioners?

"Right arm of the church" my...! Yes, I agree with the parishioner who lamented on how hollow the services were this year. Sad, very sad.

This is outrageous! Carlos, when are you going to tell the bishop what is happening at Holy Spirit?! Does he not care?! Maybe he needs a vision from St. Athanasius: "The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops."

A parishioner.

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