Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter to Bishop Peña


June 18, 2010

Dear Bishop Peña,

Do you remember what day today is?

It just so happens that today is the 7th Anniversary of your hostile take-over of Holy Spirit parish in McAllen. A lot of very sad things happened because of that take-over, the worst of which should always remain heavily on your conscience.

As you may remember, your actions caused a great number of our parish families to leave Holy Spirit parish for other Catholic parishes, thereby destroying one of the most vibrant Catholic parishes in the Valley (your words).

Many of our parish families left the Catholic Church entirely and have became active members of other local Protestant religious entities. Many have quit attending church altogether, due to the hurt and disgust that they experienced from your actions, depriving them of the salvation of Christ's Eucharist.

We just wanted to remind you that your actions while acting as the spiritual leader of our church have not been forgotten. They never will.

May God have mercy on you.

Holy Spirit Parishioners (in Exile).