Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stations of the Cross


The Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Community will again sponsor their annual Stations of the Cross through downtown McAllen - Good Friday - April 2, 2010, from noon until about 2:30, beginning and ending at Archer Park, in McAllen, Texas.

This prayer emphasizes how the sufferings of Jesus Christ continues today in the lives of the poor and oppressed, in sickness, unemployment, AIDS, addictions, violence, and war.

Participants will take turns carrying a large cross as the group winds its way through downtown McAllen, stopping at fourteen different places relating to the fourteen stations of the cross, depicting the sufferings of Jesus Christ from his trial to his burial. This year, there will be added emphasis on immigration and justice for immigrants.

The first station in Catholic tradition is “Jesus is condemned to death.” The first station, therefor, will take place at the Federal Court Building where participants will pray about the death penalty.

The third station remembers Jesus falling. Here, participants will stop in front of a local bar establishment in downtown McAllen to pray for those who have fallen under the cross of addictions.

One of the stations will be at the "food pantry" at Sacred Heart Catholic parish, also located in downtown McAllen. Participants are asked to bring canned goods, rice and beans to donate to the needy of the parish at the food pantry.

This is an excellent way for the whole family to pray together on this holy day. This very rewarding event is usually blessed by our wonderful McAllen spring weather. You are reminded to wear comfortable shoes and to bring your own water.

Please join us in praise and love of our Savior...